Thursday, September 3, 2009

Adebayor, Adebayyooorr...

Because I wouldn't go near the site on my own, here's some shit a friend sent me from Fox Sports.
"Manchester City are reportedly planning to raise their concern with (fmc)
officials about a racist Emmanuel Adebayor chant...City are aware of an Adebayor
chant circulating on the internet."
That would be this one- there are others- sure to be taken down any minute. Before we get to the racist aspect, "...circulating on the internet..." Uhhh, like the Internet just hatched up this chant. Like, because everybody learned it on the Internet because, like, nobody was watching the match that day when a whole section of the stadium serenaded him whilst he was stretchered off.

Give me a break; this was all down to a bunch of possibly liquored-up Yids looking to flip the script on the Gooners. If the "Internet" had thought it up, it would have been far more creative.

I wonder if this is typical high-brow cunt semantics.  

Only the targets get to decide on the racist nature of the slung mud...apart from Bokolis, of course. Certainly not some cunt club official, not the FA, or Sepp Blatter or Platini.  Well, they can, but who gives a fuck.

So, just how racist is this?  This aught to be fun.  Maybe, not as much fun as Chris Rock delineating the acceptable use of the word "nigger" by White people, but he mailed in Kill the Messenger, so you never know.

Here's the deal.  One of the characteristics of racism is that the shit is slung down the social ladder (I would use the term "human hierarchy," but that would acknowledge the existence of a hierarchy and "social ladder" makes for a better metaphor).  That's why, when Black people say that White people can't dance, jump, etc., nobody considers it racism.  People that blanket the term on any shit thing that happens are implying that Adebayor is not only further down the social ladder from the slingers, but that he is further down the social ladder from the blanketers themselves, admitting (without acknowledging) their own racism.

Adebayor, in a football shirt, is in no way down the social ladder from the patrons, who are marks.  Adebayor is the bigger man, so the marks' taunting means nothing unless Adebayor makes it more.  To do so, he would have to sink to the marks' level.  

Before anyone runs off thinking they have license to sing, consider the point about the target.  Good luck convincing your Black neighbor, co-worker, etc., that they shouldn't take it as racist.

Now, if that song is sung to Adebayor while he's in jeans and gators, you lose the luxury of slinging insults without accountability.  Besides, if you go around doing shit like that, you have other shit going on that you need to address.

But, leaving aside all the qualifications, is it racist?  Here's the text:

Adebayor, Adebayor, his dad washes elephants and his mum's a whore.

Nope.  Hey, this a lot of things- which I'm not going to discuss, but calling it racism is lazy.  I presume we're on the same rung of the social latter these days, so you'd have to be kicking someone down the social ladder.  Unless you're implying that he has no choice but to wash elephants, telling an African immigrant that his dad washes elephants (presumably in Africa) does not do that.

That said,  if you're a descendant of people that used to trade humans (or accepted it), understand that you don't get to say shit like this. Granted, it's easy for me to say because it wasn't none of my ancestors.  If you go around slinging shit like this or the Sol Campbell song (Sol, wherever he may be, doesn't realize that, as long as he shows that it gets under his skin, it's never going to stop), there's a pretty good chance that, for many other reasons, you're racist.

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