Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ready for for fairies 2015 postseason - Sunday Wild Card

Turns out, Alex Smith wasn't under pressure to produce any points.  The Chiefs got all they needed on the opening kickoff.  Not that Bokolis watched any meaningful part of the game after that...but I gather it showed the importance of having a QB who knows what he's doing in the playoffs.

Which brings us to the second game, where, until Tebow 4th quarter scramble time, the extent of the Bengals offense was a pass interference call on an underthrown deep pass.  The Bengals managed to dump Roethlisberger on his shoulder, at which point the Steelers offense seized up.  When Roethlisberger gutted it out and returned for the final drive, he dinked and dunked his way into position, and the Bengals got him the rest of the way.

In between, Bokolis sneered at my Powerball tickets, found out there were no winners, and the Bengals fucked themselves out of a victory.  I'm sure all the fuckheads will spout on about the stupidity, specifically about Burfict.  Enjoy reading that.  No one will examine why the Bengals allowed the Steelers to gang-tackle their running back during a part of the game when the strategy is, essentially, to mug the ball carrier.

But, enough for now about the AFC.

The NFC has two non-traditional powers as top seeds, including Carolina, 15-1 and having run off 18(?) consecutive regular season victories, undersold the whole way.  Cam Newton is proving impossible to handle, even when his receivers play with the grease from Bojangles still on their hands.  Similarly, Arizona threw up a whatevs 13-3.  There are plenty of seats on either bandwagon.

The Vikings will also have to show us whether they are the team that won the division, or the team that got run by the Seahawks.  The Seahawks themselves are no longer the Legion of Boom, but they've gotten better- Russell Wilson most of all- after Jeremy Shockey Jimmy Graham went down to injury. The Skins, perfectly useless halfway through, have seemingly gotten it together with Cousins and are flying under everybody's radar.  The Packers have had the reverse type of season.

Bokolis finally stepped up in the wild card round, banging out all three of the picks. The game apparently went off at Steelers -2 in places.  As Bokolis said to buy the half- hey, I got 3 on the Bengals, so...- those that got 2 on the Bengals were taken.  I came in with the under on the Steelers game both because it was screaming at me and I didn't really have faith in the Bengals winning the game.  Having my suspicions confirmed while still hitting was a small window to have to climb through.

VIKINGS (+4.5) over Seahawks - Bokolis had this gag all ready for y'all...It's going to be so cold, Bokolis is predicting that, Beast Mode will tell Erin Andrews- pretend that she's not working the later game for a moment- that, like Bruno Kirby in Donnie Brasco, the good news is his dick is now a popsicle.  Marshawn Lynch apparently has not made the trip.  FOX isn't even doing the game.

To acknowledge that the line has moved, I'm entering +4.5 here even though Bokolis was in getting 5 (I see 4 out there, but 4.5 is far more common).  So, how is Minnesota going to make up 30 points on the previous beating from a month ago?  Beats the shit out of me- I don't like this game, so I'm going for value.  Having locked in +5, I was hoping for it to drop to 3.5 so I can come back with the Seahawks and try to hit the middle.  I'd venture that, after seeing what happens to inexperienced QBs in these games, money will now come in on the Seahawks.

REDSKINS (PK) over Packers - As of Friday, you can find lines with either team getting one; Bokolis writes PK to split the difference.  While the Skins giving a point is a more common line as of Saturday night, similar to above, money should come in on the more experienced QB.  It may be a mistake.  These teams are going in opposite directions.  The Packers have gone 4-6 after winning the first six, and one of those four was pulled out of their ass.  I will also throw out that first game versus the Vikings as an aberration, as I still don't believe that happened.  For those that want to make this a Rodgers vs Cousins thing, I submit that Rodgers isn't the same guy.  How much of it is from not having a line or receivers, how much of it is Rodgers slipping and how much of that is having a Hollywood girlfriend?  I don't care, as I see it summing up to a Skins victory.

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