Saturday, June 28, 2014

What do we know…about the 2014 World Cup

Colombia is quite good.  France is motivated.  The Germans are the Germans.  Everybody now thinks Brazil is going to get clipped.  The Argentines should have finally reconciled that their strategy should be to work in Messi's engine room.

We don't know anything about the Dutch, because they've looked stunning in the group stage before, only to crash out in the knockout phase

Chile and Costa Rica have looked spectacular, but will now find out how good they really are.  So will the US, for that matter.

Nigeria and Greece probably don't deserve to be here.  Uruguay surely doesn't deserve to be here.

Nobody said it, but FIFA fucked up with their 9-match + 4-month ban on Handball Suarez.  First, regardless of how the media portrays him as some kind of Lecter, this wasn't a hot-blooded act.  He did that hoping to draw the eyes at the expected reaction, which was a Chiellini elbow to get him off.  At worst, he was hoping to throw the Italians off their game, because his team was not smart enough to figure out that they needed to run at them like the Colombians have been doing.  Her certainly succeeded at throwing them off, as they scored a minute later when a corner kick smashed off Godin's back, not his "magic forehead," as was described by Ian Darke.  Further, this suspension bans him for 9 games from country, but at least 11 for club.  While Bokolis is trying to reconcile my Liverpool bias here- I'm more upset that, instead of getting 100 million Euro, we now can't even sell him- he didn't do it playing for club.  It should have been an 18-month ban from international, with reinstatement conditioned on pulling those bunny-teeth he has.

Ian Darke doesn't know WTF he is talking about.  As with Tommy Smyth, ESPN is banking that people are so busy listening to the accent that they don't hear anything they say.  That's why they have that Brit bird with the bug-eyes.

ESPN has stepped up its game, especially in the non-match coverage.  When the hell did Julie Foudy turn into a fox, btw?  Good for you, Jules…already one of the coolest people around.

Bokolis walked out of work- bartered with the boss to cover at an undesirable meeting- to watch the USA-Germany match amongst the riffraff.  I was shocked at how many birds were at the bar watching the game; a few of them even wanted cock.  Most of them didn't know shit about soccer and were there chiefly to peacock that they could get the time off.

However, I also had Lozo-ian GSF in my midst, one of those broads that screams about everything and curses out the players for not acting in her warped ideal.  Bokolis seriously considered smashing a beer bottle over her head.  It was a quite rational reasoning; I was considering who else (and how many) I was going to have to hit in the wake (I wasn't going to run out).  Once I got to three, I figured that I didn't want to be on the news.  It wasn't so bad, as she lost steam as the game wore on.

Oh, about that game- the US was playing at about 85%, while Germany was struggling to keep it above stalling speed.  The biscotto scenario didn't pay out but, despite the broadcasters trying to sell you that it was played on the up and up, Germany carried the US in that match.

Predictions?  Shit, this is taking too long.  I have to get to the beach.

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