Monday, June 30, 2014

World Cup 2014 Round of 3

Me tink de Argies & de Nort Africans win ear.

update:  These may seem like mismatches on the papers, but it's not out of the question that someone gets clipped.

France over Nigeria - the North Africans French are seemingly motivated and are looking more attractive (rimshot) without the perpetually pissed off Ribery.  The Nigerians slid by on some farcical refereeing decisions in their match with Bosnia.  Will they improve, to continue the ride at the expense of another size that sparkled in the group stage, only to fizzle out in the knockout stage?  If the French get caught running around with the Nigerians, they will find themselves in some shit.

Bah, anything they produce today will be because France has let them, either by bungling or indifference.  Those crazy-ass West Africans don't like for their women to lubed up when they stick it in.  Bokolis can see them getting a taste of their own medicine today.

Argentina over Algeria - Those Algerians certainly have spirit.  But, nothing that they saw in the group stage has prepared them for Argentina and Messi.  This is another instance where we will find out whether Argentina are serious about winning the show.

update update:  It should say Germany over Algeria - Y'all know what Bokolis meant.  Just substitute 10 German bombers for Messi & co.

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