Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spreading some love...

...for Ultragrrrl. I go over for my dose of happy music; shit that keeps the party movin'. Hey, I've got to keep up with the kids. But, popular culture is not Bokolis' thing; I cant keep track of the mainstream stuff, much less the diggin' in the crates catalogues goodness. She's got the lock-down on that.

Now this here was touched by her magic wand. It reminded Bokolis of a couple of nipple bump parties from back in the day. I don't recall getting home from those parties. I still have my kidneys and my pucker, so I only had to dust my shoulder.

I had to suspend disbelief for some shit. This only happens to Bokolis when I use the green Axe. The yellow one brings muted results and the red is like repellent. And, the part about the Mexicans, after KTFO'ing him, driving him home is total bullshit. In reality, his pucker would have been ruined.

They were dead on about the blue one. The one time I used it, I also wound up wearing a snout...and it might have been the same bird.

Here's to more nipple bump parties, even if I'm not attending.

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