Thursday, July 28, 2011

Now that they've worked out this lockout...

...bullshit, the chumps at the "worldwide leader" have material for their first C'mon, man" segment. The Oakland Raiders present to you, Susie Sanchez

C'mon man. They didn't even try to 'shop this broad. Bokolis was going to say that I know loads of 37 year old birds that are fitter than this one, but none of them are mothers, let alone grandmothers. Was that supposed to be a draw?

I suppose the old man's taste in birds is running parallel to Hugh Hefner's- I hear they're giving horses the centerfold these days. Either that, or he's watching way too much MILF* porn.

*Bokolis' definition of MILF requires that, the mother is at least 35 and, if she has less than three kids, one of them is at least 12 years old. A 30-year old toting around a 4-year old isn't a MILF.

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