Friday, March 19, 2010

Beastly East

So, we had a little action yesterday. As the story goes, the NCAA can opt out of the TV contract after this tournament, so CBS is highly motivated to give them a good show.

Of course, to CBS, that means booking the endings, not offering a better product. And, let's tell it like it is; CBS still sucks at this. They never come in and out of games at the right times and they are killing us by not offering a second (dedicated) channel. Not to worry, sports fans, the worldwide leader will surely drown the NCAA in money to take over and drown the rest of us in bracketology.

11s beating 6s (13 over 4, 14 over 3) notwithstanding, Bokolis still maintains the format offered up last year is best, with the amendment that there should be no more than 4 teams per conference. There's just no need for 7 or 8 teams from conferences, only to have half of them get clipped.

1st Round

2nd Round

3rd Round

4th Round

5th Round

Regional Final

9 Seed

1 Seed

14 Seed

8 Seed

19 Seed

4 Seed

16 Seed

5 Seed

17 Seed

13 Seed

3 Seed

6 Seed

11 Seed

12 Seed

2 Seed

7 Seed

10 Seed

15 Seed

18 Seed

Uhhh, that didn't come out looking so good, but you can still get the picture.

That's a direct shot at the Big East. People will be quick to say that the conference is a fraud on the back of that crap performance yesterday. Just as the conference was overrated, calling them frauds would be harsh. From what little college hoops I watched, I saw all of their teams struggle when going out of conference. I don't know whether there is a style difference or whether the teams treated out-of-conference games as a letdown. But, I saw it across all the relevant teams. In conference dogfights don't help the confidence, especially when you can't shoot or create flow on offense.

Granted, I don't think there is any difference between 6-seeds and 11-seeds that will cannot overcome. But, if you get in 8 teams, you are marked. A lack of intensity gets your 6-seeds clipped and puts your higher seeds in dogfights.

Nonetheless, there was no need to have Notre Dame and Marquette in the tournament. Louisville is now on the clock to earn its keep and WVU- oh, look, they've spotted the 15 seed 10 points- and the 'Cuse to step up for the power.

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