Thursday, March 26, 2009


Video link. This is unbelieveable. Ryan Moats, who happens to be a running back currently on the Houston Texans roster, was pulled over by Dallas police for running a red light, just as he was arriving at a hospital (with his wife and other family memebers) to pay last respects to his on-virtually-her-last-gasp-dying mother-in-law.

The dirty copper- whom Bokolis won't do the honor of naming; he's Bubba- pulls him over and keeps him there for 13 minutes, scolding and threatening him and brandishing his weapon (unseen). Of course, the mother-in-law had expired by the time he finally arrived to see her.

I'd like to think that Bubba was sharp enough (I know...stop right there) to, as they say, put two and two together- blinkers on, racing towards a hospital, people disregarding his directives- and figure out that the may be something more going on than some asshole running a red light.

So, is this cop utterly incapable of critical thought or, racial overtones aside, was he just being a dick? Even in Texas, people aren't that obtuse, right? It didn't even register when Moats' wife just bounced.

Of course, Al Sharpton should be arriving any minute to call for Bubba's head. Indeed, it wouldn't be irrational to think that Bubba may have taken a little extra pleasure from doing this to a Black dude. Cop haters and still others may think he's such a dick that he should be shit-canned.

I'll tell you straight up; Bokolis doesn't think much of the vast majority of cops. I bristle at the idea of police, but understand that it is necessary to have these fuckers around. That said, they're not exactly the best and brightest we have...these are some dumb muthafuckas, even the cool ones.

The vicious cycle is that you're not going to attract the best and brightest when the job pays like it does and they spend their days around other scumbags. It's a decidedly unfulfilling job. The best part of that job is retirement, more of an incentive to play prevent defense than to work.

More soberly, Bubba does give a black eye to all the decent cops. Moreover, there is nothing in that video that indicates that Bubba has the skill-set necessary to be an effective police officer. Even after the fact, he thinks he handled it appropriately.

Ryan Moats showed a lot of restraint as Bubba pissed on his dignity. Still, because he wasn't able to expedite matters, the end result was that he wasn't able to say goodbye to his mother-in-law, which was kind of the whole point. Everybody gather around now, Bokolis will explain how you get a cop's brain in gear.

Moats, disregarding Bubba as his wife did, could have walked directly in view of the dash-cam and explained how, because he really has a dying mother-in-law in the hospital, "You're going to look like the world's biggest douchebag when this goes public." Climbing on the hood, calling Bubba a dickhead for effect and/or mentioning that he plays in the NFL are optional.

If Moats were as cynical as I, he could have waited until just before walking away from his 13-minute brow-beating to explain how, because he's in the NFL and people would want to know the circumstances of the evening, this was bound to get out...and when it did, Bubba was going to be, as Tony explains to Seidelbaum, working in Alaska, so dress warm.

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