Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rugby for fairies, the Bowl

As previously noted, 6-4 on the picks, 16% ROA, guaranteed to finish in the money.

I've got to point this out because I've been tossing around this one for the whole while, but don't have a feel. The Giants beat both of these teams in their own parks...f'n Plaxico.

Steelers (-6 1/2) over Cardinals - It's tough to go against the best player on the field and against a team that has run out to big leads in its last two games. The Steelers have a truly sick defense. I would think that, given two weeks to prepare, Dick Lebeau will put together something to control Larry Fitzgerald. Of course, given that Fitzgerald has already broken postseason receiving records, this is easier said than done. It's made more difficult because Polamalu is more a linebacker than an over-the-top safety.

Just like the game against the Ravens, 6 1/2 is a big number to lay. Nonetheless, I feel the Steelers have the defense to handle the challenge and the offense to match anything the Cards put up. That tells me the odds are in the Steelers' favor. If they could cover in a defensive struggle against the Ravens, they can cover in a shootout.

That said, I'd much prefer that the Cards win. All right, I'm off to play rugby for fairies...hey, it's an once-per-year obligation. You'd think that, since all these cats are 5-10 years younger, I'd be dominated into retirement. Not yet, bruh. I fuck with some real ruggers in real life. For the fairies version, this set of cats'll be retired before I will.

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