Friday, November 30, 2007


From some cat’s rear car window “Bonds 30 years for baseball Feel the hate” It’s more likely that somebody in government will do anything to get on TV. You may find this more productive.

The Federal Government, because that's what's important, has indicted Barry Bonds on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. We didn’t even get to see Bonds do the perp walk. I trust that someone can coordinate the dockets so that the Bonds, Vick and OJ trials don't overlap, so that there will be no more such fuck-ups.

Our leaders lied to us- and it wasn’t even a quality lie- to initiate a war of conquest and we let them get away with it, yet we're now going to throw the book at Bonds for lying about whether he was on the sauce. We went through this exercise with Bill Clinton, for lying about getting head, while he wasn’t held accountable for Kosovo. The Clinton circus was slightly less ridiculous, but at higher taxpayer cost and just as pointless. The question is the same as it was then: What are we trying to prove?

Aside- spare me the conspiracy theories surrounding the Cheney cabal. Inherent in its definition is that a "conspiracy" is improvable. Sun Tzu figured out that "All war is based on deception," about 2500 years ago. The deception has been hitting us in the face like spitballs.

Clinton scoffed in our faces, but as Cheney scoffs at his image and Bush…Bush has this look on his face like he and his cabinet just ran train on your moms…does whatever it is that a mental patient in an empty suit does, we’re more concerned with who is on the sauce and whether they should get into the Hall of Fame, whether their records should get an asterisk. For this, we suddenly feel cheated, while pissing away our tax dollars is no big deal. I wonder what the reaction will be when it dawns on everyone that Canseco wasn’t off by far.

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