Friday, June 2, 2017

GOAT or goat?

Bokolis had put this down immediately after the Super Bowl.  I had thought to let it marinate before hitting send, but it would up marinating for four months because I checked off for a while.  This travesty reminded me of how rigged many championship matches often are, especially several of the recent NFL championship games.  I had to get away.

Through a combination of tragically switching off way too early, poor playcalling and coaching decisions, and having the officials turn a blind eye to the Patriots holding on virtually every play during the comeback, the Atlanta Falcons pissed away the NFL championship.  In the process, a whole sporting nation is doing the brick-pointing on Tom Brady's status as the greatest of all time.

Bokolis has stayed away from all the subsequent blathering.  The narrative will either focus on the incredible choke job and paint Brady as some sort of master for coming back from a 28-3 deficit.  So some extent, both of those are true, especially the choke job.  It will all ignore that the referees let the Patriots do whatever they wanted so that they could get back in the game.  I prefer to keep and crystallize my own opinion on what happened.  Hearing otherwise might tempt me to engage these assholes on their own terms.  As such, I gather that it will be quite the job for the folks at NFL films to edit out all the holding when they put together one of those super bowl episodes.

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