Monday, September 19, 2016

Schameless Schill

Curt Schilling is no stranger to spouting off.  He came into the league thought of as difficult and a blowhard- that's a nice way of saying asshole attention whore, which itself is a nice way of saying cunt, but it's early yet- but managed through much of his career without too much of a fuss.  It picked back up as he neared the end of his playing days and, has continued apace towards curmudgeonly thereafter.

In Schilling's post-playing days, the topics have often turned to the political, on the spectrum of which he camps considerably to the right.  His rants have tended towards the over-simplistically pragmatic, fully in keeping with his reputation.  He was shit-canned from ESPN, ostensibly because he had become a political liability, but just as much because he had become overbearing.

This, of course, allows Schilling to lump ESPN into his pile of liberal jagoffs with the rest of those  feeling crossed by his bullshit.  Pursuant to the points made at the end of the last post, you can lump Schilling right in with the pile of hyper-pragmatic chickenhawks.

In the wake of some narcissistic habib upset at his lot in life crying out for attention by blowing up shit in NYC and New Jersey, his latest bloviation is a FB post where he gave us his (reeking) Trump-esque 'solution' to ridding and insulating ourselves of and from such elements.  Let's see if this shit works...

Surrrre, someone just asked him.  I'm sure y'all know your way around FB better than Bokolis, so you know how to open that up so you can see the whole thing.  If you abstain from FB, perhaps the twattery machine is more palatable.

The highlights:

  • suspend immigration
  • secure the borders so nobody gets in, least of all foreigners
  • overhaul the "department of immigration," otherwise known as the USCIS, ridding it of corruption, and asking it to do the work of a sprawling bureaucracy
  • build a "Berlin Wall" along the entire southern border, using proceeds seized in criminal arrests
  • "ANYONE" pulling some shit like what happened this past weekend, like the dickless piece of shit who keyed Vincent Vega's car, no trial, no jury, straight to execution
Bokolis supposes offering counterpoints or proposing a better use of resources will only serve as a contrast between how progressive and reactionary minds view the world.  What Schilling really needs is a dose of his own pragmatism.

Is it enough to say how quaintly Soviet?  Will that evoke enough of a sense of irony?  Is it sufficient to convey that while, on one hand, Schilling's politics are consistent with a favoring low income taxes and a small federal government, short on resources and regulations, this advocates pouring funds into isolating the USA, which would certainly further decrease revenues?  How about that, while Schilling implies corruption in the USCIS, he doesn't anticipate the lengths to which law enforcement, in its zeal, has proven it will go to seize the "money and assets" of people ultimately proven to be innocent, then refuse to return those assets in due course?

Schilling (and everyone else, for that matter) should be happy that his counterparts on the opposite side of the political spectrum, though no less convinced that opposing views are vile, don't fight as he fights.  Because, when they do- see Clinton comma Hillary- it makes for a sad shitshow.

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