Monday, July 19, 2010

On the tarmac

I'm stuck on the tarmac at PHL, so I've got nothing better to do. Here goes off the phone.

As it turned out, homegirl bartender was in AC with the BF. How sweet! Nothing good to report from that night...I overdressed and got hit on by guys all night (no homo).

I went off the program on many counts, mainly because I was feeling myself. The night ended with me trying to kick it to the female cop stationed by my telly. She was pretty much a captive audience, so WTF.

The details are very hazy, so I can't say how close I came to getting thrown in the drunk tank. But the movement might still have ended in a collar for her. These three black dudes come of them on a bike. I say, in my best knockaround guy voice, watch these guys. Sure enough, the guy on the bike is a spazz, and he stumbles off the bike. A switchblade falls out of his back pocket. "OA!" exclaims the cop. "Right there!"

13 years out the hood and I can still pin out these muthafuckas. I walked right up the stairs, I think without saying good night.

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