Monday, July 14, 2008

Tony Snowed Under

I didn't give this too much thought until I went on Lozo and saw WTF is going on.

For those of you incapable of critical thought, all war is based on deception. Aside- If you believe that our leadership got duped into all this shit (in other words, everybody, as it was portrayed, totally fell for it) over shaky intelligence...(shrugging shoulders and making bemused facial expression) I don't know what to tell you, homie. Maybe you can answer why we'd still be there, once we found our intelligence to be faulty. Give or take a few minutes, the deception, where it concerns the military operation in question, started about 11AM EDT on 9/11/01. You can infer some shit about what was going on before that, but that's not the mission here.

I'm pissed because we fund this war…or, more aptly put, operation where our soldiers function as security guards for Haliburton and related contractors. If you factor in the ripple effects on the economy and on the funding states and local municipalities receive from the federal government, easily, half my money goes towards this shit, with no return on investment. That's worse than the YTD return on my 401k, but only because my employer kicks in half of what I dump in. With all that money we have to kick in, surely, we could have gotten some cats to dig a hole from Queens to New Jersey. Even if they dug this hole, it would probably help get some traffic out the way. I digress and a dead man is waiting.

Since Tony Snow took his turn as pitchman to America, he is a piece of shit on the level- and infinitely larger in scale- of an used car salesman. He sold out himself and, in the process, a whole nation. Every bit the POS are the corporate media, conservatives, liberals, whatever, who knew he was pitching bullshit (if I could tell from the cheap seats, they knew) and didn’t call him on it. I feel slightly less disgust for people like myself, who knew we were getting bull-shitted, yet didn’t make a (material) difference.

I fly under the radar, so I have to live with that shit. See above, my purgatory is that I fund this. Hey, I told who I could. It didn’t register when I told muthafuckas that we were never going to catch bin Laden (my office- prior gig- started a pool when we went back to work...lest you think I'm any better than those scumbags, I didn't partake only because "never" was not an available option) because he's our excuse to be there...or that Saddam was incapable- hold on, Tony- of building or obtaining a fart bomb because any Iraqi with half a brain is either dead or in exile…pretty much the same reason that Saddam was even in power.

Snow apparently acquired a taste for bull-shitting, as he took an on-air gig at FOX. At least Colin Powell- trumping Snow in the ESPN/USA Today POS Pitchman rankings- had an attack of conscience and disappeared into private life after pitching the bullshit.

I feel bad for Tony Snow’s family, who liklely didn’t view him as a POS and have to trudge on without him. I don't want to make it seem as if he's solely to blame for the "war." But, with his passing, the quality of life on planet Earth upticked, if ever so Ice Cube observed in Higher Learning, they still won, it's just one ass whuppin'. Suavè, homes.

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